OHRSOL envisions an environment free from arbitrary laws such as public sexual offense registries, residency and proximity restrictions, and lifetime labeling that is not evidenced or proven to be effective in predicting, reducing and preventing sexually oriented offenses.


OHRSOL is committed to promoting and supporting cost-effective, evidence-based policies, practices and laws which balance the need for public safety with the goal of rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals convicted of a sexually oriented offense. 


    • Provide evidence and education to law makers, the media and the public by dispelling existing myths around individuals convicted of a sexual offense. 
    • Promote legislation that supports a limited sexual offense registry based on empirical data and individual risk assessment.
    • Seek to avoid unintended consequences associated with registration which may harm registrant families. 
    • Support judicial actions and litigation that are consistent with the constitutional rights of United States and Ohio’s registrant population. 
    • Encourage evidence-based community policies and practices which support reintegration. 

OHRSOL (Ohio Rational Sexual Offense Laws), a corporation formed in the state of Ohio, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the legal name “Ohio RSOL.” OHRSOL is a volunteer advocacy group modeled after the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL).