OHRSOL is a volunteer organization whose mission is to educate the public, media, and legislators on the facts versus myths about SORN registrants and the impact of current laws on registered persons and their families. There is power in numbers, and together we can tackle the stigma and unfair treatment of registrants.

We use dues and donations to cover costs such as postage for mailings, marketing brochures, and special projects. If you cannot afford our dues, give what you can afford, including time. We recognize that your time is priceless. The more time you can give to our cause, the more we can accomplish together.

We ask all members to adhere to the Vision, Mission and Goals of the organization. Any member whose behavior reflects poorly on the organization may be asked to terminate his or her membership. Members on supervision are responsible for compliance with the rules of their supervision. Thank you.

Annual Dues – $50/year*
* If you are currently experiencing a financial hardship, please contact membership@ohrsol.com.