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In this opinion piece for TCR’s Viewpoint series, Sandy Rozek argues that media outlets should be careful about the words they use when discussing pedophilia, child sex abuse and those on the sex offender registry:

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Note: OHRSOL members have signed a letter supporting the ALI revised Model Penal Code recommendations. The ALI votes on these recommendations March 2, 2022.


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  • “Sex offender registration can lead to social disgrace and humiliation, loss of relationships, jobs, and housing, and both verbal and physical assaults.”
    Court Help section of New York State Court System website
  • “The city declares plaintiffs [the registrants challenging the law] nuisances for no discernible activity but drawing breath. What the City has done here is effectively to declare an entire class of persons to be a public nuisance, by simple virtue of their physical existence.”
    Vermont Superior Court Judge Samuel Hoar, Jr. in 2017 in ruling overturning an ordinance (Doe v. Rutland)
  • Richard Matsch, Sr. District Judge of US District Court of Colorado found the Colorado sex offense registration law unconstitutional because it violated the 14 Amendment substantively and procedurally and violated the 8th Amendment prohibition on cruel and usual punishment. Although overruled several years later, Judge Matsch’s ruling shines light on the awfulness of registries: Millard v. Rankin