OHRSOL is currently taking a project-oriented approach to accomplish our Vision, Mission, and Goals (VMG). These projects seek to mitigate the harmful, unintended consequences of registration on registrants and their families.
OHRSOL’s first project focuses on reducing the impact of registration on registrants and their families. This project:
  • Aligns with our Vision, Mission and Goals
  • Has the potential to positively affect a majority of our membership and registrants
  • Appears to be achievable within a reasonable period of time
The project team has completed research and developed these talking points to use when approaching organizations, legislators, etc.:
  • Comparison of Ohio’s human registries: violent offense, arson, and sexual offense
  • Comparison of Ohio’s registry and those of other SORNA-compliant and non-SORNA-compliant states
  • Cost versus benefits of Ohio’s registry
The next step is to research, identify, and approach potential allies among religious and social justice organizations to assist us in pursuing changes with the Ohio Attorney General (AG). These allies lend more credibility to our efforts and demonstrate that we have support among influential groups.